Language exchange

Semesters abroad

Languages are best learned in the countries where they are spoken – and when it comes to Slavic languages, there is quite a selection to choose from! Both departments (Bern and Fribourg) encourage students to spend one or more semesters of their studies in a Slavic-speaking country, and they maintain a variety of partnerships for this purpose.

Stays abroad (some students do more than one) do not mean an interruption of studies, even though it might serve as a reason for extending the period of study. To ensure that students receive credit towards their degree for most of their courses abroad, they must agree (with their home institution) on a Learning Agreement, or study contract. This is then confirmed again on-site during the stay abroad. Even if the main focus is on language acquisition and a deepened knowledge of a Slavic-speaking country, in the ideal case, students will also receive at least partial credit towards their degrees in Switzerland.

More information on exchange opportunities can be found under Details. Any questions? Dr. Simeon Dekker (Bern) and Dr. Christian Zehnder (Freiburg) will be pleased to help you.