Regulations and Study Plans

Please note

The study plans of Fribourg and Bern differ. Consult the documents of the university in which you are enrolled. The provided documents are in German and French only.

The new list is mandatory for students, who started their studies in the autumn semester 2023 or later. Students, who started before, may choose, if their exam should be based on the old or the new list..

The reading list of the Master Major in Slavistics is agreed upon by the student and the professor in the context of the master thesis.

Accreditation of Academic Atteinments in Fribourg for Students Enrolled in Bern

Academic attainments of students of the University of Bern will now be registered in KSL as «external academic attainments». This is a purely technical adjustment, the processing of grades and the respective credits won’t be changed : This information will be transferred as before from Fribourg to the institutes office in Bern. However, you can’t validate such credits in KSL by yourself. In order to reduce the administrative workload, we kindly ask you to fill in the attached form and send it to the office of the Institute for Slavic Languages and Literatures by week 15, respectively 45. Your ECTS will be then be registered in the corresponding area in KSL.

Information Regarding the Study Plan 2005

With the exception of individual agreements, students enrolled before autumn semester 2015 study according to the Study Plan 2005. For students in enrolled in Fribourg, the new study plan is valid from autumn semester 2016.