The Universities of Bern and Fribourg work closely together in the field of Slavic Studies. Linguistics is taught at the University of Bern, literary studies and cultural philosophy at the University of Fribourg. Language courses take place in Fribourg as well as in Bern. If you choose Slavic Studies in Bern or Fribourg, you have to take courses at both universities.

The encounters with foreign countries and cultures presupposes overcoming the language barriers. This is the reason why the Slavic Studies (linguistics, literary studies and cultural philosophy) offer essential knowledge to all those who want to engage in Eastern Europe.

Language skills are one of the most important parts of Slavic Studies. They are acquired during the studies and are improved during stays abroad. Apart from the Russian course in Bern and in Fribourg, Polish, Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian and Ukrainian are taught; thus creating a range, that cannot be compared to any other university in Switzerland.

The special training forms the second main pillar of Slavic Studies. It contains lectures and seminares on linguistics literary studies and cultural philosophy.

Here you can find the overviews of the different bachelor and master study programmes.