Institute of Slavic Languages and Literatures

PD Dr. Zehnder, Christian

PD Dr. Christian Zehnder

Assistant Lecturer (Fribourg) & Research Assistant (Bern)

Departement of Languages and Literatures

Postal Address
Rue du Criblet 13
CH - 1700 Fribourg

Christian Zehnder is a lecturer at the Institute for Slavic Languages and Literatures of the University of Fribourg. He studied slavistics and philosophy in Fribourg and Munich. Doctorate in 2011 at the University of Fribourg. From 2016 to 2018 he received a grant from the Swiss National Fonds and became a Visiting Scholar at the universities of Warsaw and Chicago. In September 2020, he handed in his habilitational thesis “Handlungsspielraum. Neuschreibungen des romantischen Aktivismus in der polnischen Literatur” and in February 2021, he received the venia legendi in Slavic literatures and general and comparative literature.

Key activities: Russian and Polish literature of the 19.-21. century; literature/poetry in the context of the history of thought, intellectual history and religion; Russian and Polish poetry; literary theory and aesthetics; comparative literature; unofficial cultures (underground of Leningrad, conspiracies in occupied Warsaw); emigration (the big emigration of Polish romanticism, emigration of the Russian intelligentsia); eastern European film, diary writing; ethical criticism and ecocriticism.

Literary publications by Christian Zehnder: “Gustavs Traum” (short story, Ammann: 2008), “Julius” (novel, dtv: 2011), “Die Welt nach dem Kino” (novel, dtv: 2014), “Die verschobene Stadt” (novel, Otto Müller Verlag: 2019).


The list of publications by PD Dr. Christian Zehnder can be found here (in German).