Natascha Dominguez Sapien teaches Russian in Fribourg, Dr. Victor Yurovsky in Bern.

Language Courses

Course Structure

Our course program spans 8 semesters or 4 academic years, and consists of Russian 1 to 4. Russian 3 and 4 are offered jointly for students from Bern and Fribourg, and take place each year, alternating between the two locations. Russian 1 comprises 180 lessons (6 semester hours per week); Russian 2 comprises 120 lessons (4 semester hours per week); Russian 3 and 4 comprise 60 lessons each (2 semester hours per week). During the summer, our students are able to attend a monthly intensive Russian course at Moscow/St. Petersburg, or other state universities.

Course program Bern

Important: Russian 1 (Bern) is a year-round course for beginners or students with little previous knowledge. Entry into Russian 1 in the spring semester is only possible for advanced students, and after consultation with the lecturer.

Course program Fribourg

Teaching Materials

Teaching materials are provided directly by the lecturer during the course.

Conditions of Participation

Our courses are oriented towards the learning goals and needs of students in Slavic Studies and Eastern European Studies. If space is available, students from all disciplines may take courses offered by our department. However, students of Slavic Studies, Eastern European Studies and other disciplines of the Faculty of Humanities (Bern) or the Faculty of Philosophy (Fribourg) have priority.

To obtain course credit, students must participate in class regularly and pass examinations.