Student Committee

The Slavic Studies Student Committees of Bern and Fribourg are small, but friendly! Slavists know each other very well – the department rooms on the 3rd floor of Unitobler or the library in the Criblet (Friboug) give us the opportunity to sit together, chat, discuss, learn, and exchange experiences.

The student committees of the two universities work closely together. As a student of Slavic Studies you are automatically a member of the committee. It is the task of the elected board to represent the interests of the students vis-à-vis the university. Since we maintain a good relationship with department staff, we have many opportunities to communicate our suggestions and requests. Members of the committee are always present at departmental meetings, and we are able to vocalize our opinions. In this way, important departmental decisions are also discussed with us. We hold a general assembly every semester in order to understand the needs of our fellow students, keep them informed about important events and developments, and to confirm or (re)elect members of the board. You can find out when and where this takes place by email via the SlavList (mailing list) and on our Facebook page “Slavistik Bern-Fribourg”.

Every semester, we host film evenings where we watch Slavic films in their original language with subtitles, an apéro at the beginning of each semester, a barbeque party at the end of May, and occasionally other events where we can meet outside of everyday university life.

Our events are also open to all interested students of Eastern European Studies.


We are looking forward to seeing you and getting to know you better!